Sports and Leisure
Sports and Leisure

All year long there is always something that you can do to enjoy yourself at Villas d'Àgua. Our swimming pool is the hart of the resort, but you can also walk though the pathways along the cliffs or use our bikes for cycling along the shoreline.
The village of Olhos is a small fishing village, with historical relevance as Albufeira's defence outpost. The Villas d'Àgua is next to Toore da Medronheira.
It's name is due to the fresh water spring that emerge on the sea and sand banks. It's main sites are "Torre da Medronheira" and "Olheiros" (the fresh water springs).

Golf fans can use our special deals for the best golf courses in the Algarve.
We also have special rates for the tennis courts at Quinta da Balaia Tennis Club where you can spend a fun time.

If the sun and sea are a good reason to do some sight seeing along the area, there are other reasons also, like the historical/cultural landmarks, the hill ridge area and our local food and handicraft.

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